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Apr 6, 2003
Hey everyone, I'm new here

Man I thought I knew a bit about computers
im a freakin idiot compared to you guys, anyways I was hoping I could get some help from a geniuss here

This is what I want, a Nice laptop I can take to college this fall
I would like to spend less than a thousand probably closer to one thousand, but prices change lots

anyways I want a desktop replacement sort of, I care NOTHING about the weight.
Battery life might be one thing, but isn't that fixable?
Generally something I can use from college, and take back home

I would like a p4 2.2-2.4 or faster, (AMD maybe?)
RAM is easily upgraded but 256-512 would be nice

is Centrino worth a flip? any insights apreciated.

If possible I would like to have one of those little joysticks for a mouse, like alittle dot on the keyboard..
and with mousepad, i would like it to be able to click by pressing (like the dells) and if possible (lol) again i would like for, right above teh touchpad, for there to be a scrollbar....

those are luxireies though lol
i want good power for money, and you guys probably know best...

also a few questions not regarding this directly

what is better p4's or athlons
curious what are thier differences strs weaknesses

anyone please reply

GREATLY appreciated


Jan 6, 2001
P4's produce less heat, battery life will also vary. What drive configuration do you want, screen size preference, hard drive size? Dell refurbs have good deals sometimes.


Apr 6, 2003
A little help plz :)

cfg? not sure what ya mean
Screen size
I just don't want too small
cause I don't need super portability
just need to do studying, typing, notetaking *cough* *cough* *gaming* *cough*

HD size i'd like some room, but isn't it cheaper to upgrade HD than it is to upgrade processor?



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Oct 26, 2002
Hi, I was in the same situation as you... I opted for a dell... check out the hot deals they have going on here and at that wallet place.... I got in on a dell p4 1.8 mobile with 256 ddr ati radeon 7500 battery and dvd drive for under $750... these deals periodically come up and dell is in my humble opinion very reputable.... however I'm a hardcore user and I never needed contacted their cust. support so my experience is just based on sales.

Oh as for screen size 14" is fine so long as you get atleast 1024x768...

As for gaming... don't count on playing splinter cell if you don't plan on shelling out $2000 for a laptop... my radeon 7500 does great for Age of mythology and rollercoaster tycoon, but I don't expect too much from it because it was a steal. Also, the more gaming you do the less battery life you'll have and the more heat your crouch will build up :X


Apr 6, 2003
Yeah, I would spend 2000 though
Im graduating in May, and my B-day is in June

plus I just started working at Best Buy so I might try to get one there

With the job, B-day and Grad I should have enough to get a good one

Gaming ill do while plugged into an outlet at home
battery life will be for study groups and stuff likeat librarys

anyone else?

thanks for the replys

any more input would be appreciated