Laptop bit the dust need replacements

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    My old Dell laptop just bit the dust a few moments ago. Sad really :(

    I am looking for ideas on new laptops and wanted AT's opinions.

    My old laptop was 15.6 inches but I found that a bit too big so I would like to stick around 14 inches if possible. More resolution is good but even 1366x768 should be fine on a 14 inch screen (I had that same res on my old 15 inch model never really had an issue).

    My old laptop also sucked battery life like crazy, that's something I want fixed. It was my first laptop and I told myself I'd be gaming on it on the go. Well that never really happened. :D So either no dedicated GPU or optimus if possible. I'm looking for at least 4 hours or more if possible.

    Outside of that anything will work. I want to keep it at around $1000. I am a student so I may qualify for student discounts.
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    Ideapad y470p
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    i have a dell m4110 14r laptop with an i3, i got it from delloutlet with a coupon 20% code and had gotten for around $340, if i manage the power settings right i can get over 4 hours of battery on it
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    Toshiba Z835?

    Cons: The screen's not the best (but is matte and very legible head-on in all lighting conditions), the MSATA SSD is on the slower side as far as SSD's in general goes, the keyboard has very little travel (it's an acquired taste - I would imagine most could adapt to it without too much trouble) and the fan does run all the time
    Pros: Decent runtime in class, robust for the very low weight, as well connected as you can expect an Ultrabook to be, low cost.

    Personally I can afford better in the form of the Sony Z2, but if that kind of envelope-pushing is beyond your wallet and you want an actually portable machine I think it comes down to either the Z835 or the Samsung Series 9-B right now.

    For me both were impulse purchases to try out since I'm not fully happy with some cosmetic and other aspects of the Sony so I'm always looking out for potential competitors. The Toshiba wasn't in any way a worthwhile keeper over the Sony, but for the money - it's a great little companion for any student IMO.

    The Microsoft Store version is Signature, which means no bloatware, and I think they do student discounts. Standard store price is like a grand fifty.

    If you have a little more money to spend, I think the $1400 Samsung Series 9B with the PLS 900p screen is a worthwhile upgrade - though you start getting into the standard-for-class 3lb weight. Runtime's not bad, it's a zippy machine, and everything feels well screwed together. Last year's 9A I thought felt like a bad copy of the '08 Air. This time they've reduced the ripping off to 'inspired by' and also appropriated some Sony DNA - and it feels all the better for it.
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