LAN internet access issue


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Jan 12, 2015
To preface my question(s) due to location I'm on dial-up & using primarily XP-Pro pc's. (recentlly added a W7 X64 box)

Prior to adding the W7 box internet activity was possible through a netgear wired/wireless router for multiple desktop pc's and both wired and wireless connection to a laptop.
Default router IP address of
Host PC LAN address
Client pc's LAN addresses 192.168.1.x

Host (with internal modem) and client pc's all access the router via "distribution" ports with no hardware attached to the router input port.

ICS enabled and all pc's were able to access the internet as well as share files in the common shared documents folder.

Upon connecting the W7 box to the network, a message flashed on the W7 monitor, (too fast to read) and I've lost all internet connectivity except for the host pc which dials in directly, Though I have file and printer sharing with no problem.
Wireless connection on the laptop also shows connected and shares files wirelessly.
Pinging the various network pc's from both host and client pc's results in packets sent and recieved, pinging both LAN ip address and computer name.
Ping shows connection although pinging websites ( for example) from the client pc's results in a "not found" reply.
Windows firewall has been temporarily disabled for testing purposes with no change.
In all cases TCP properties are set to obtain addresses automaticly, & DHCP is enabled.

subnet mask shows in all cases along with Default Gateway, DNS server & DHCP servers all showing an address of

Router has been reset as well as running network wizard on the pc's numerous times to no avail.

(One other indicator I've run into is when attempting to connect to yahoo IM shows wininet errors 12007 and 12017 which i've found indicate ERROR_INTERNET_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED The server name could not be resolved) and (ERROR_INTERNET_OPERATION_CANCELLED The operation was canceled, usually because the handle on which the request was operating was closed before the operation completed.) Respectivly.

I've also recently checked my laptop at another location and found it connects both wired and wireless to the internet thus I'm fairly confident the issue lies in either my router or host pc settings.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.