Kit FreeDOS ?


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Nov 27, 2007
Is it a right choice to choose this notebook (disregard the 17'', that's a priority)?
Considering that it has no OS.
What is the relevance of the Kit Free DOS?

  • GP656EA#UUZ
    HP Pavilion dv9590ez NB PC, P-C Duo T7500 (2.2Ghz),
    17" WXGA+ BV, 2GB (2x1GB), 320GB (2x160), DVDRW DL LS, WIFI,
    Bluetooth -
    No Os, Kit FreeDos
    30 day warranty

Cost: 1450 USD


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Jun 8, 2005
It simply means there is no OS on it. Though it should be given that the dv series is their multimedia series, and by giving up the Windows OS you give up the quickplay options. As installing Quickplay yourself is a pain in the ass requiring several partitions and setting things up just right. They may take off the capacitive touch bar at the top as well.

I have the dv6500t with Vista Premium. My bro has the dv9500t, which is just a customized version of your 9590ez (his had one 160GB HD, but the rest is the same) and his has Vista Ultimate.

Also, a good warranty is worth it. Bro's 160GB HD was bad and was only good up to 36GB, after that, bad sectors were all over it. I don't think I could recommend raiding those things together like HP does..