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Kids school project

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Jul 10, 2006
Today I was sitting in my office when the phone began to ring. I immediately recognized the number as my kids' school and groaned. Is someone sick? In trouble? After answering and being greeted by the principal's voice, my mind assumed the latter.

Turns out it was neither. Two weeks ago my son's 5th grade class was given an assignment having to do with the upcoming presidential election. Each student was randomly assigned Obama or Romney and their job was to create a Powerpoint and poster outlining why their candidate is better. The purpose of the assignment was to expose kids to each candidate, their viewpoints, and encourage critical thinking to prepare the kids for when they, too, will vote someday.

We worked with our son on the project and he came up with ideas like "Romney is cool" and "he has made a lot of money." Things you would expect to see come out of the mouth of a 10 year old.

Apparently some parents had other ideas with their kids' projects and a few posters had things like:

- Romney supports traditional marriage: one man, one woman!
- Obama is not a Mormon

and other heated statements having to do with religion, race, abortion, etc.

The principal had decided to end the assignment and take everyone's posters down because he didn't feel these were appropriate to have hanging in the elementary school and I told him I agreed.

I found it pretty sad that some people had used their child's assignment as an opportunity to grandstand their own personal political beliefs.
Agreed, all around.

I would just keep it in perspective..always was and always will be loons...to them, this election is a 'life and death' struggle so they will do what ever is nessecary to espose thier nonesense...
Yup, it's too bad the right can't come up with sensible, intellectual-based arguments like "They're going to put you in chains!" or "Republicans want to kill old people!"

Why would a child say something like "Romney will not kill babies" if the idea wasn't fed to them in one way or another by their parents?

The first thing I did in elementary when I got a project was ask my mom. I suspect these children did the same.

I guess Nehalem seeks to be the radial non-conformist in practically every thread he posts in, no matter how insane he sounds.

LOL Indoctrination via a Research project into a candidate's viewpoints. Nice.
I'm sure they asked their parents and were badly served. Rather than being guided into learning how to research candidates, apparently some of these children were just given their parents' views. Hopefully anyway; I'd hate to think 5th graders hate Mormons or gays. In 5th grade I'd never even heard of either.

Mr. Pedantic

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Feb 14, 2010
That sounds like how a 10 year old would describe abortion to me.

If the project is suppose to be about the candidates viewpoints what do you expect?
No, that sounds like how an idiot would describe abortion. Kids aren't idiots. They have a lot to learn, but they aren't idiots.