Kickstarter Project Promotes Distributed Computing, BOINC, the Advancement of Science

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    Thank you for the advice.

    The Sheaffer Family
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    This seems like an ill-attempt at jumping into crunching feet first and having a publicly funded project for your own interests. While I understand you probably have good intentions going into this, I don't think you realize that this reward to the community of blueprinting your optimization findings is not all that valuable. Yes, information is valuable, but normally people pay for information that's done, not "going to be done". Not only that, but there is a plethora of ways that this information is already available to the public, for free, without need for funding.

    You can't expect people to invest in something that doesn't have a tangible outcome -or- doesn't greatly advance the community in ways not already foreseen. Sorry.
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    The above quote is obviously true to anyone that has done DC for any length of time.

    The price per computer must be much less.
    It should be close to the cost of the not needed UPS and SSD!
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    IMHO, this is a terrible idea and you won't get backed.

    Also, your little prizes suck
    Hand signed certificate? Those are just the computer generated ones right? :p
    No one will donated 250 dollars just to have their name on a GPU or whatever
    No one will donated OVER 250 when they literally acquire nothing.

    I won't donate to this because I'm not getting any returns. All I would get are some lousy emails, certificates, and my name etched on something I'll never have.

    Parts list:

    200-300 dollars cases? dumb, could get a much cheaper case and put more money towards GPUs or CPUs

    An assortment of mobos (2011, 1155, and AM3+?), just choose a platform and stay with it

    GPUs, holy crap. 1 690 and 4 580s? and plus 8 680s and 5 7970s?

    CPUs, you get an extreme edition and cheap out for a 3930k on the other?

    Assortment of ram and assortment of other stuff

    Seems like you're just trying to fund a hobby.

    I wouldn't donate a dime.
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    You are trying to make a non-profit into a full fledged built up company being classified as a non-profit.
    Look at as turning an existing hobby into a non-profit instead.
    • A non-profit for what you are doing requires no admin costs; this is something you were doing on your own time any.
    • What fundraising is any different that what you are already trying to do?
    • What overhead will the non-profit occur that you have not already setup?
    • Accounting costs should be able to be donated - you are already able to do that.
    The only added costs I can see is that of legal to setup the non-profit.
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