Keyboard acting like tablet when commenting


Diamond Member
Mar 10, 2007
I'm not sure how else to describe the issue, but when I'm commenting on a thread and I have to delete a word, pressing Backspace until the word is deleted will also automatically delete the space between the previous word and the word I just deleted. I'm not sure what's causing this as this only occurs on Anandtech and it just started today but it's rather irritating that when I delete any word, I have to start off with a space before typing, otherwiseeverythingwilllooklikethis.

Was this forum updated to act more like keyboards are ancient technology or is something going on with my end? I've tried replying in PC Games, GPU, and even a random thread in The Garage and they all do this. I've tried "turning it off and back on again" but that doesn't seem to help and it's only Anandtech where this happens.