KEEP this PC or BUILD another one?


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Dec 28, 2000
What I'm really asking is, How much would I need to spend to build an equivalent PC? Overclocking is allowed (there's a member here with a dual 2.4 OC to dual 3.06).

Dell Precision 650 Workstation

Processors: 2 x 3.06 Xeons 512
Chipset: Intel E7505
RAM: 2 x 512 MB PC2100 CL2
Hard Disk Drive: 2 x 80gig IDE 7200rpm Deskstars
Video Card: nVidia Quadro4 900xgl
Optical Drive: NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A
Optical Drive: Samsung DVD ROM SD-616T
Sound: Onboard Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio (using my own SB Live! currently)
Network: Onboard Intel Pro 1000 MTV Gigabit
SCSI Controller: Onboard using pciX and also Raid 0
3 pci slots, 3 pciX slots, agp 8x

1. Temperature controlled fans. It's quiet when browsing and light work, u can hear the fans louder when gaming but the audio covers the fan sound anyways.
2. Front access to 2xUSB 2.0, Firewire, Headphone, and Mic.
3. Stable so far.
4. Power Supply is a separate unit that goes on the bottom outside the case. So no PS issues inside case.
5. 700+ days of warranty left. I don't know if it's transferable or not from Dell.

1. Case is awkward and a pain to open and close. At least this one (maybe needs some WD40 on the rails or something).
2. Front audio is onboard. I'm using SB Live! No biggy I guess but I haven't tested it with Headphones yet.
3. Bios Options limited. Can't Tweak.

Other Comments: SB Live and Onboard Audio seems to cause no prob so far working together.

If I decide to keep this and pay my buddy for it, I'm going to change out the video card (ie ATI AIW 9600), hard disks (ie a pair of WD2000jb's + one 15k.3 SCSI for OS/apps) and also RAM (ie. 4x512 Buffalo sticks). Also might change the Optical drives.

So what should I pay him if it's worth keeping considering the factor of selling the above parts (what i can get for them).

Sorry for the long post.



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Dec 28, 2000
aren't they gonna be extremely $$$$$$$ According to AMD's new online promotions the chip alone will be more then $650 ? ?

I'm just in a bind cause he wants $$ soon and I have been holding him off for a month already ;)


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Mar 27, 2003
That's a top of the line workstation! Why would you need to build another comp?


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Dec 28, 2000
My friend wants me to sell it for him, he had the parts only at first, the mobo wasn't working. Well, turned out all it needed was a couple of capacitors and this CONTROL PANEL card that cost me $100 from dell. So, i've invested about $115 in this PC.

The parts to be sold were the:
nVidia video card,
2 x 512 ram,
both processors,
2 x 80gig hard disks,
the dvd burner,
dvd rom drive
floppy drive

But i'm wondering since it's working fine now, if I can sell the PC as a whole and give him money for the parts only. use the left over to build another plus put in some money out of my pocket.


Keep the PC and pay him out of my pocket for the parts that I was supposed to sell.

I'm essentially getting the mobo/case/PS for free from him cause he thought it'd be useless. BUT i've put in $115. On ebay this case/ps sells for $350. so with mobo i'm assuming a couple hundred more......but then i'm forced to use the dual 3.06 since no OC features on this money made/saved is wasted on the dual 3.06 when i could have gotten a pair of 2.4's and OC stable to 3.06 as another user did using regular HSF which is half the cost of dual 3.06......i think i need to sit down and calculate properly......


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Jul 28, 2003
What do you mean how they turn out? We know how the a64 turns out and its 25k 3dmarks on air. the p4 extreme wont do that because a 3.8 on water wont get near that