Just watched the original Matrix...

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Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: Confused
Originally posted by: DaWhim
matrix reloaded and revolution, not worth to mention
You see here is the biggest problem.

No they weren't. Judged on their own merits as singular films, they weren't very good at all. But it's almost impossible to do that completely objectively, because if you watched either one of them without having seen the original, you would have no idea at all what the story line was about.



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Dec 28, 1999
Originally posted by: DWW

I disagree with others about the sequels. I think they were good movies. People seem to hate them for a few reasons:

1) Humanity wasn't saved... but could it really have been? Do you think little Zion could ever destroy all machines on earth and free the "slaves" ? I don't think so. And I think this "peace" between the machines at the end is just temporary. In the end I think the machines will conquer Zion.

2) Neo and Trinity die. I can just imagine how much this traumatized those who wore trenchcoats, leather and dorky sunglasses to the movie and waited 3 days in line. Enough said :)

3) Most of Revolutions was "In the real world" I beg to counter that this is the more important area. Zion was the center of all three movies, its just that, by introduction the first movie HAD to have so much time in the matrix.

4) Why must everything end happily? Why couldn't Morpheus and everyone else have died? It would have made sense to me that they couldn't defeat the machines.

Overall I had a couple things that bothered me--namely that whole "there has been Neos before you and will be after you" non-stop cycle of junk. I wish that this was the first matrix (other then the one that failed) and only that.

I like to watch the first movie on its own though. It makes a great movie and you don't even need sequels. The part where Neo flies up into the sky at the end leaves your imagination to think they will conquer the computers (if that is your idea of a happy ending) and free humanity one at a time.
  1. Happiness wasn't the issue, logic was. The machines made a deal with Neo. This is completely illogical, as machines have no honor and would have made no such deal. The logical result would've been the machines lying to Neo to get what they want, and then immediately continuing their agenda.
  2. There have been a ton of GOOD movies where the heroes die. Again, this is not a problem.
  3. This is probably my single biggest issue with the movie.... There were too many things that just didn't make sense in the "real world"... Mostly all of Neo's stunts. These are the questions that Reloaded raised, that Revolutions failed to deliver on.
  4. Three of your four points have been about happy endings. A happy ending is not a requirement for a good movie, and I don't think anyone here would disagree with that.