Just Trying Nvidia's Beta 310.54 on Einstein

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by lane42, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Looks like a 40 second to a minute drop in times on my GTX 580, but no
    gain on my GTS 450. The 580 was doing 2 workunits in around 29 and a
    half minute's, now many or most are at 28 minute's 30-50 seconds, give or take.
    If anyone try's the 310.54 maybe they can post there times.
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    i run 6 simultaneous tasks in my dual GTX 560 Ti machine (3 per GPU), but i'm still running old 301.42 drivers...anyways, Einstein@Home is something i tend to concentrate on, so a driver update will be well worth it if it can net me even a slight gain in efficiency.

    GTX 560 Ti @ 900/1000MHz on 301.42 drivers: 3,496s per 3 tasks (1,166s per task)
    GTX 560 Ti @ 900/1000MHz on 310.54 drivers: 3,382s per 3 tasks (1,127s per task)

    so run times w/ the 310.54 beta drivers are 3% lower than they were w/ the old 301.42 WHQL drivers, which means i'm seeing the same 3% improvement in efficiency. i should note that i only averaged 12 run times since the switch to 310.54, so if these initial run times aren't indicative of what the new drivers can do by the time things settle in, i'll update this again to reflect any changes.

    lane, your run times are also approximately 3% shorter, which is right in line w/ what i experienced (despite not knowing what previous driver version you're coming from)...
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