Jonny needs Radeon LE Bios Please...


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Oct 26, 1999
Hello everyone, I have a little...issue.

I have a Radeon LE that I put a Radeon DDR bios on. However, it has really not been cooperating, so, I thought I would put the original bios back on, I have decided to sell it anyway?

Unfortunatly, when I upgraded the bios and had a backup created, it didn?t work, well, from what I can tell. When I try put the old bios on now, it gives me some error, and crashes.

Also, the Radeon DDR bios file is something like 38kb and the backup (the original bios on the card) is only something like 7kb. So, I?m thinking there might be an issue there.

So, if ANYONE has an ORIGINAL Radeon LE bios, please email it to me @

Thanks a lot!