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iz3d 3D driver open source project... FYI


May 1, 2006
Just FYI, this is way under the radar, I stumbled across it.

iz3d used to make a 22" 3D monitor, and went out of that business into 3D drivers.

They have a project to make the driver opesource if they can raise money. It's a sort of Kickstarter not on Kickstarter.

They want $800,000 and it ends in 5 days; on June 20 they said they're nowhere near the total and will decide whether to do it anyway.

I can't say I'm surprised; for one thing, who has heard of this? For another, it doesn't have the usual rewards. They're giving away one 22" monitor to the biggest contributor. For a third thing, the interest is just narrower than for a good game - I'd guess only those who want to use the opensource driver for development, and maybe some who think they'll use it from those developers, would find a benefit. How many such developers are there?

But, seeing it's a 3D driver aimed at gamers, seemed like there's no harm in mentioning the project for discussion.

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