iTunes issue


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Jan 28, 2000
So yea, iTunes is crap yadda yadda, but to date I have found nothing that keeps tracks of plays and ratings as well as it does (zune comes close but the heart/no heart ratings are poo).

This is a fresh iTunes install on this PC. Went to add files to the iTunes library (all of iTunes controlling and renaming is off etc). For whatever reason, a handful of files simply do not show up in the library when added, nor do they play in iTunes. They play fine in Winamp, and have been playing fine on my zune for months.

1. Here I am adding the file individually:

2. Here is the result when I click open: (No other files have been added to the library).

3. Here's the file playing in winamp: (it's a valid file).

This affects like 200 of the 300 files in the main folder. They simply just do not show up when you add them to iTunes.

Anyone have any ideas? I have tried seeing if the file was hidden/read only. I've tried copying the file over to another HD, all of the id3 tags are correct and properly filled out ( I simply cannot figure this out no matter what I do. Help!