Issue: buncha guys going to vegas. One guy's GF wants to tag along, no one else wants her...

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Dec 4, 2001
i think i'd insist that she bring a friend to keep her occupied, otherwise you're going to have to leave your friend behind when you go do your guy stuff. either she comes (not gonna happen) or she stays with the boyfriend, because she's not going to put up with being left behind by herself.


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Jan 10, 2000
Originally posted by: jumpr
Leave them both at home. If my girlfriend wanted to come along on a guy's only trip and I didn't have the cash, I'd take one for the team and stay home.



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Oct 9, 1999
A lil update.

She knows no one wants her there, but she is trying her hardest to act 'cute' by saying she will be okay if she comes and wont throw things off. But like i said, girls will say anything in order to get their way.

She was excited to go to the strip clubs with the guys???




Jul 1, 2001
Originally posted by: sm8000
Pass the hat for him, help him out.

If she truly must come, have her bring a friend, since she can pay for her. Then ditch the two of them for the week.

No, that's even worse! His girlfriend will probably spend the whole time bitching to her enabler... er.. friend about how she got ditched, which will make both her and her friend miserable and angry while he's out livin' it up. And, when that guy finally returns after his long night out with his buddies... Oooh, boy! Fireworks!


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Sep 9, 2003
Do anything you can to ensure that she DOESN'T go. Even if she is "good," what do you think will happen when you all get back and she starts flapping her gums to all of the other guys gfs about what went on? I think it's pretty safe to say that this probably won't be some kind of Disneyfied cola-and-sightseeing family vacation type trip, and things will probably go on that would get any of your buddies put in the doghouse with their SOs if they were to find out about even 10% of it. And this girl would love to be the one to tell them all about it. Her just being there would change the entire mood, and kill the whole trip.

Case in point, I went on spring break in Daytona beach a couple years ago, and one guy brought his GF. She proceeded to pass judgment on our drinking, wouldn't shut up the whole time, chased some hot girls in thongs out of our room, calling them "sluts" :| (OOh, that one pissed me off) and went to bed every night at about midnight, or 1. And then had the nerve to bitch at us when we came in later and woke her up. We were at a bar that had a wet T-shirt contest going on, and she got all pissed off that we were watching it, and loudly called the girls "sluts". She even made her BF leave while it was going on and didn't allow him to watch it. Everyone wanted to punch her in the face after the first night. Of course, our buddy had to take her side in all the arguments that ensued. It was painful watching her emasculate him constantly. His degree of whippedness boggled the mind. In short, her presence TOTALLY ruined our trip.

He can't come up with the cash, he shouldn't go. Period. Besides, Vegas is no fun with no money anyways. DO NOT take her along, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Please.


Jan 15, 2001
what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. Bring the bitch and the whole theory comes to a screeching halt.


Change of heart. On second thought, the guy must play wingman and stay behind for the good of the group.


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Sep 21, 2002
Originally posted by: sm8000
Change of heart. On second thought, the guy must play wingman and stay behind for the good of the group.

as it should be.

unless she's a lesbian, she's still a girl. even a lesbian will probably get in the way of a guys night out trip:p fact is we act different around our own sex, as do they.

a large group with resentment = not a good thing(tm)