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Israel breaks another U.N resolution

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Aug 14, 2006
Originally posted by: hopeless74
how is this, focusing on a single aspect of an issue?
You're pointing out what Israel is forced -- that's right, forced -- to do. You neglected to mention to suicide bombing, drive by shootings, mortar attacks from Gaza, incursion into towns and the slaughter of their residents, etc.

Also, refer to my previous message, and re-read the part about corruption; I don't think you got the idea that corruption had kept the Palestinian living in squalor, while Arafat and his buddies squandered/stole billions.

Would you be more likely to accept my opinion if I told you I was a Middle East analyst for the past 30 years?

yours truly

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Aug 19, 2006
yeah im sure arafat was living the life of luxury, under house arrest, in his bombed out compound until he died.


Jun 23, 2004
Originally posted by: Czar
Originally posted by: Starbuck1975
The UN should perhaps begin addressing the fact that Iran and Syria have been fighting a war of proxy against Israel through the Palestinian people and Lebanon...supporting both Hammas and Hezbollah.

The munitions that these terrorist organizations launch against Israel are not exactly abundant, nor are they manufactured locally.

Cut off their access to munitions and you mitigate the damage that these groups can cause.
Israel is occupying parts of Syria, they have every right to fight them
Yeah, and one of the sides in this war needs to be crushed so that it can end.


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Nov 22, 2004
great a thread with left wing and right wing nuts arguning about who is mor evil...wheres the middle man when you need him?


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Apr 13, 2006
if israel only had kaytusa rockets or suicide bombers, and hezbollah had the tanks, gunships, air cover etc, etc, etc... oh add nukes... would be be hearing the same outrage about those tactics being used?


Jan 6, 2005
Israel is occupying parts of Syria, they have every right to fight them
Wrong answer.

Syria, and other Muslim nations, made the mistake of challenging Israeli sovereignty, and invaded Israel through a rather foolish and unprovoked war during which they had their asses handed to them.

To the victor goes the spoils of war, and Israel, quite smartly, established buffer zones around their original borders, which entailed the occupation of land they captured during these failed Muslim offensives.

so its punishment isreal is doing to the civilians?
Well perhaps these innocent civilians should recognize that their own leaders are directly responsible for their suffering.

Israel does not have a get out of jail free card...their handling of the tensions in the Middle East have hardly been with the best intentions...but let me ask you this...let's say you finally gain a nation to call home after being nearly exterminated as a culture, and then your neighbors decide to make an attempt at wiping you off the face of the map...would you turn the other cheek and be the honest broker?



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Feb 18, 2001
Originally posted by: The Green Bean
Originally posted by: dahunan
Originally posted by: The Green Bean
Originally posted by: dahunan
Originally posted by: The Green Bean


Israel should be pushed back 10 miles off the Gaza and West Bank border and then should be disarmed.
Nobody should live in Gaza or the West Bank borders since your people would like to see Israel distroyed and the citizens of Israel live in fear of people like you and the president of Iran who want to destroy Israel.
You mean the citizens of Palestine are less important than Israelis? Its because of people like you who think Palestine should be destroyed that Palestenians and Lebanonese people live in fear!

Please define "destroyed" ...Israel has already destroyed Palestine and now is set on destroying Lebanon.

Tell your buddy the President of Iran to explain what he meant when he said Israel should not exist and should be taken off the map.. etc

Do you have a religious problem with Israel or just a humanitarian conflict
I don't think he ever meant killing off all jews. In a muslim state, jews are free to practice whatever religion they want, even have their own leadership for all internal matters. This would be much better than Palestine where Israel is interfering in all day to day activities of the government and abducting leaders at will.

Why would I have a religious problem with them? The only problem I have is they have been killing thousands, making millions homeless. Israel is a threat to the Islamic world as a whole.
Please tell us which muslim state are you talking about? I have been all over the middle east and for example, in Saudi Arabia, when a ship arrives at any port, all books and material relating to non-muslim religions have to be locked up and are sealed by Saudi Customs inspectors (including all magazines, alcohol etc.). This includes anything like holy books, pictures, statues, crosses that people usually have inside their cabins which are personal. If anything is found on board after the customs have sealed up the stuff it is confiscated.

This has been going on for many decades. Have you heard anyone complain about it? Where is the outcry against this discrimination? What respect do those muslim countries have for non-muslims? (And it does not matter which religion - they're all banned). Show me any Gulf country where freedom of religion exists. What would be your reaction if western countries reciprocated and banned all muslim places of worship?

You want justice and equitable treatment? Then understand it is a 2-way street. Just because Muslims make louder noises and use aggressive tactics does not make them correct.

Learn to live and let live.