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Israel army chief: Other nations could strike Iran

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Oct 30, 2000
Don't be an idiot cybesage, the Jews were not the first people to occupy Israeli, so by your logic Jews have no claim to Israel and we should kick them all out, and give the land back to its original inhabitants. As for the entire EU, it was originally conquered by the Roman empire, so by cybrsage logic we must return all European states like England, Germany, France, and even Israel back to the rule of the city State of Rome?

All hail to the infallible triple standard logic of cbrsare
To play along with such a sidetrack

LL wants everythign to go back to ownership of Rome.

Rome is controlled by the Vatican - Roman Catholic Church
So by that logic the Church would control Israel.

The Crusades were done by people from different Churches spun off of and including the Roman Catholic
Given that the crusades were to free Jerusalem from the Arabs; then problem will have been solved;

Rome hands the area back to Israel - per LL designs.