ISP problem


Oct 20, 2005
I guess the networking forum is the place for this? Not sure where else to post this kind of thing.

Anyway, I live in a rural area of Canada and only have the choice between two ISPs. Telus and Shaw are the only options for high speed. Telus is way more expensive than Shaw and only has 3mb down. Shaw has 5mb down which I switched over to but I am not getting 5mb down. I assumed I would get somewhere between 4 and 5 or maybe even 3.5 and 5 but what I am getting is between 2.5 and 3.5. I am using the Shaw speedtest and some other tests I found on

I feel very ripped off and every time I call Shaw to tell them my service is slow they tell me they will do a test. Then they tell me everything is ok from their end. I don't have a router but they always seem to think it is either that or the firewall. I also have Shaw in Calgary where my wife lives and when I bring my computer there I am getting much better download speeds.

How can I prove to Shaw I am getting slow speeds?


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Oct 27, 2006
Call them up again and tell them you disabled most of services on OS which might of caused the issue of slowing internet speed.
Secondly, tell them your NIC driver is lastest and it supports 10/100/1000mbps.
Also mention your tried on 2nd and 3rd PCs and replaced all the cables.
Screenshot the speedtest you did and email to Shaw support management. Make sure you forward that email to yourself!

Also suggest them to drop MTU on modem as well!

Good luck!