Is this possible?


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Jul 23, 2006
At my University, the LAN can be pretty laggy, but I found out the the wireless network is completely separate from the LAN, so whenever the LAN is laggy, the wireless network is usually fine. The problem is, at the dorms the only APs are at the ends of the halls in study areas so I can't pick up the signal in the rooms.

I was thinking if perhaps it would be possible to use a router within range of the wireless network, and create a bridge between the two so I could run a cable to my room? The network uses a form of WPA encryption that uses a Username and password (I remember somthing about TKIP from when I was getting my laptop online).

So basically I want to know if I could tap into the wireless network with a router or some other piece of hardware.


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Sep 20, 2003
It's certaintly possible but you should contact your IT department and see what they think. I know many have policies banning such devices.