Is this HP Laptop compatible with an SSD

Discussion in 'SFF, Notebooks, Pre-Built/Barebones PCs' started by ComputerWizKid, Jan 22, 2013.

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    My friend has an older HP DV6-1253cl and he wants to buy an SSD so I am wondering if an SSD is compatible with this computer? I know the hard drive is SATA II and the SSD is SATA III so is that going to negate the performance gain of the SSD? The OEM HDD that it came is a 500GB @ 5400RPM and is pretty slow as it is so will the SSD I linked to be a great improvement? Also is there a special way to physically install an SSD in this computer? They are 2.5" and the same size as the standard HDD correct? so I would just replace it like I would a normal drive?

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  3. dave_the_nerd

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    SSD will work fine. Installation will be almost* exactly like replacing a normal drive.

    *SSDs are usually not as heavy as HDDs.
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    To answer a few more of your questions:

    1) you can use a SATA III SSD with a SATA II interface; it will perform as a SATA II. Down the line, you'll want to take the SSD out of the old computer and use it in a newer one that supports SATA III

    2) you will notice an incalculable difference in speed! There is nothing you could do to speed up your computer nearly as much.

    Good luck!
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    Will SATA II bottleneck the SSD? Yes. Would the user notice the difference moving it from a SATA II to a SATA III port? Not likely.

    You have to consider the size of the items you work with on a daily basis. Writing a 50mb file at 200mb/s will be just as instantaneous as that same 50mb file at 400mb/s.

    It isn't that often outside of gaming that you're reading a large string of data so quickly. Even then, it's not a very noticable difference.