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Is there something better than Kdenlive for Linux video editing?

Red Squirrel

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May 24, 2003
I find kdenlive is super buggy and glitchy, and it seems to be something different each time I use it. Right now for example if you have a transform on a clip so you can zoom in/move, but also try to fade to another clip, it will apply the transform to the other clip too. Or in some cases, the transform does not even render, so the preview ends up being different than the render. It also fails to render the original videos in real time while editing, it just goes super choppy, so have to use proxy clips, and I feel the glitchyness has to do with that. It's like it's applying effects to the proxy clips but when it renders, it does not apply to the originals.

At this point just want something less glitchy. Are there any options out there that will run on Linux?
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