Is there an easier way to get a Quadro?


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Oct 25, 1999
I have read many threads about hacking GeForce based cards to make a Quadro. It seems to be quite the chore unless you are real good with a soldering iron. But is there any easier way?

The drivers sense the PCI ID from the card's resistors and then installs the proper drivers. Sure you can hack the card, but why not hack the drivers?
Wouldn't it be easier to change the PCI ID's around in the driver file? Can't somebody just change these around in the *.inf driver file?
Am I missing something?



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Nov 16, 2000
If you can read the compiled driver code in 01010101 11101100 or D0078FFF, find the part that says "Choose between regular or Quadro" in 01101101 01001001 or E1100ADF, and successfully make the correct edit with no documentation...then you may be immortal and you just don't realize it!

IMO, soldering iron is worlds easier.

Edit: Also, the resistor probably also phsically enables circuits in the chip.