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Is it possible to change icons for file types in some specific folders but not throughout all of Windows 10?


Senior member
Jan 29, 2010
I suspect the answer is no, so I'll keep this simple. I have a subset of folders packed with PDFs that I like to default open with chrome for a few good reasons. But when you change the default file open format, the chrome icon takes over for them all, making them look like saved webpages or something. So, is there a way to keep the default program for a subset of folders in windows 10 as something but the icon as something else (like your standard PDF icon)? I don't want to replace the chrome icon wholesale.

Mucho appreciated AT.

Nov 20, 2009
While you can change the icon for file types, I am not aware of any way to do this on a specific folder/path. I suppose you could create you own file types, assign specific icons to it and then just have Windows assign a specific application to open it, but I think in doing so Windows will default the icon to the application, not the extension.

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