Is it bad to eat microwave dinners a lot?

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Jan 18, 2003
Originally posted by: Electric Amish
Originally posted by: Geekbabe
Originally posted by: Electric Amish
Fsck it!

Eat what you want. You gotta die of something.

yeah but if he eats healthy he won't have people dropping dead of fright when they see him naked :D
You get used to it.

Besides....what's the chance of people on this board being seen naked by another person (legally and with the other person's permission)? ;)


Ouch...true...but still...ouch!

The enchilada was quite has 56% of my daily sodium value, but I had cereal + milk for breakfast, that for lunch, and I'll probably have some chicken for it all works out in the end. Oh, and I had an apple and some apple/carrot juice to go with it too. So I'm eating pretty healthy.


Oh, and I have a completely awesome and beautiful girlfriend so my chances of being seen naked are well above the ATOT average. Psshhhaw!