Is Hybridiz Phsyx worth it? What are downsides?

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    Ok so i have a sapphire 7950 oc ed and wandering if I get a cheap 9800GT and dedicate it for PhysX if I can play games with PhysX on high.Like is there any performance trade offs/issues???? OR would I need something like GTX 650 because if that's the case $100 for PhysX isn't worth it.
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    Surprisingly, has a good writeup about PhysX performance in a modern game (Borderlands 2). Scroll down to the performance section and you'll see that you need at least a GTX 460 to get reasonable performance.
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    He's talking about a hybridized setup.

    I had a hybrid setup for Borderlands 2. I later decided to disable it. I just wasn't getting the performance I wanted. Although it iss due to me having an older system.

    Processor: Q9550@3.6
    Mobo: P5Q-E (only supports two cards at 8X each)
    Primary ATI Card:XFX HD 6970 @900/1400
    Physx Card: EVGA GTX260 Core 216
    Intel G2 40gig SSD

    While playing, the GTX260 was seeing only 40-60% usage during huge Physx intense scenes.

    In doing my research beforehand, the 9800GT looked to be more than good enough. I only got the GTX260 because I got a great deal on it. ($30)

    Here's the thread.
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