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Is Apple the only choice for good tech?

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Aug 16, 2014
I’ve been thinking for a while now that the only company you can currently buy from and not feel like you are massively compromising in some way is Apple.

If I buy any other smartphone than an iPhone, it would have Android on it, which has never been as nice to use as iOS. Also, buying Android means supporting Google’s business practices, which are highly anti-competitive as we’ve seen from the massive fine they’ve just received. Google are also in the data/advertising business, which pretty much everyone hates. So there’s no viable choice when it comes to smartphones.

For tablets, the iPad reigns supreme simply because the competition have all but given up.

For smart watches, no other smart watch integrates as well with the iPhone than the Apple Watch. It is also a looker of a device.

For laptops, I’ve never found any other laptop with a trackpad as good as Apple, and as the trackpad is the primary control mechanism for the device, that part has to be the best. Their laptops are also crazy powerful, slim, light, gorgeous screens, great keyboards and MacOS is lovely to use because of said trackpad.

And all of these devices are tied together with iCloud, which keeps my contacts, calendars, photos and documents in sync across the entire suite of devices.

Where else can I get this experience other than Apple (and once you’ve excluded Google from the list of possibilities for above reasons)?

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