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Is anyone interested in seeing comparisons between a 4790K and a 9700K?


Senior member
Jan 20, 2015
Thanks for putting this up. I'm planning to stick to my 4790K for a while. Before that I had an OC'd 920, and found that the improvement over it wasn't very noticeable either.

Quake 1 at 700fps is impressive though. :D
I went from a 920 C0 (3.6Ghz max OC) to a 6700k@ 4.8Ghz, saw a huge difference. Plan on upgrading to a 10nm Icelake 8C/16T, as long as it's at least +5% IPC over Skylake
Jun 15, 2001
Take those numbers with a grain of salt. I'm starting to get horrible errors on the new system. It fails Prime95 within seconds with really wrong rounding errors. I've narrowed it down to the CPU or Motherboard. I have a cheap Celeron coming tomorrow so I can hopefully figure out which one it is (unless it's a VRM issue and the Celeron doesn't hit it).

My gut says motherboard and I'm tempted to just order another and RMA this thing.
Oct 10, 1999
Nice, this is useful. Thanks Chaotic.

I have 4th gen i5 in one box, and 2nd gen i5 in another, I''d love better single core performance for dwarf fortress, otherwise, nothing I do really pushes the CPU too far. I'm OK with waiting for 15 minutes for a CD to encode to mp3 with lame. Beats the 20+ hours it used to take with l3enc on an old Cyrix "686" or the 10 hours with a P2, or the 12 hours with a K6.

I will keep the CPUs I have for the time being, though the 2400 is past its prime.
Jun 15, 2001
So it turns out that my motherboard was by default undervolting my CPU. 18 hours of Prime95 with the 12k FFTs plus Furmark and it's rock solid now. Numbers are the same, so I'm not going to update.

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