Is 1600x900 resolution cpu dependent?

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Oct 5, 2012
1600x900 isn't that much different from your current ress except for a few extra roes of pixels. If all else you can overclock your cpu to make up for the shortfall, I don't have problems at this ress but I am using what amounts to being antiques by today's standards. Good old G92/GT200 and two little Fermi cards, that 670 is vastly more powerful. As for your stolen rig chances are that whoever stole it knew before hand that you had it or it was someone who lives not far from where you are. A word of advice to others keep the mac address saved somewhere and put it away as well other unique information about your rigs so that something like this happens it will make things easier as well quicker for cops to track it down.


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Feb 17, 2007
Worst as in possible cause of stuttering. And Kingston is one of the worst brands today.
I have heard of such problems in CPU limited situations and at that Rez and that CPU speed that is very much possible.
So totally wrong... don´t give advice please... ever.

8gb ram is fine for a gaming system (not running a million things in background) Also, brand doesn´t matter at all, either the memory is stable or it´s not. If you mean that he is bottlenecked because he´s using a low rez, he will not be any more cpu bottlenecked at 1440x900, than 1600x900 or 1080p, that just doesn´t make any sense.

You are right in that Bf3 is cpu dependant and a 2500 at stock clocks is not ideal, but it is not bad either.

Op, with your 670, I would get a bigger 1080p monitor for a more enjoyable experience (just don´t use msaa and use an smaa injector), it is definitely overkill for 1440x900.
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May 21, 2011
Update,it appears i have fixed my little stuttering issue.

Uninstalled the latest beta nvidia drivers,deleted the nvidia folder,removed msi ab,removed the folder completely,installed 306.97 and installed evga precision 3.04.

Set Evga precisions framerate target at 75fps,disabled vsync and its now stutter free.I now know without a framecap limit that my cpu is holding back the card simply cause when i keep the cap limit at 100fps or less,its stutter free and if i enable 120 fps,it stutters like so but at 75 fps,no tearing or nothing and its smooth.:cool:

As far as the monitor goes,i will keep this one till it dies then pick up a 20'' as honestly this 17'' gives me a full view without me having to swing my head left and right as well as my eyes,which i have done when i get monitor sizes in the 23""+ range and as i sit relatively close like 2 feet away,clarity and stuff is not a issue.