IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL - ?????????????????????


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Apr 18, 2001
Asus A7V133-C
T-Bird 1ghz

I have a sound card, NIC, and modem in the PCI slots. I have tried this cpu and an athlon xp 1600+. I have also tried different RAM and rearranged the pci cards. All BIOS settings are prety much default. It is not o/c. In Win XP Pro, it will randomly BSOD with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and it will do a memory dump. What causes this and how can i fix it?


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Feb 24, 2002
I had the same exact problem...Except that it wouldn't let me play games along with the strange blue screen.

I found on this forum someone who figured that it was something to do with nvidia drivers, the via chipset, and stuff.

First thing I did was downloaded the latest drivers for everything. I'm not sure if your chipset is a via, but if it is, get the latest drivers for it.

Then I went to the BIOS and set AGP to 2X, IRQ to VGA, fast write disabled, AGP aperture to 256. Now my comp works perfectly and I can enjoy all my games and I have no more of those strange blue screens...

I hope that I helped you, man. This problem was bugging me for months before I fixed it.