iPhone 5 defective camera thread (purple flare)

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Feb 14, 2004
Why is this such a big deal? It's a cell phone camera.
For me, a couple reasons:

1. It's my primary camera. I have a dSLR, but it's a pain to grab it with kids - make sure the memory card is loaded, batteries are charged, right lens is on, plus it's large & heavy, and by the time you have it ready, the cute thing your kid was doing is over. On the flip side, my cell phone is always in my pocket. For the short time I had the iPhone 5, it was annoying to have my toddler's face covered with a purple glare if he was outdoors or standing by a light source, so it was a really big deal for me because I take a lot of family photos with my iPhone and I don't want purple tint in them.

2. It's also my hobby camera. The iPhone's camera since the 4S is capable of taking spectacular photos. And as the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. I love my Canon dSLR, vintage lenses, etc., but my iPhone is always in my pocket and I can edit & upload right from my phone. Camera+ is a pretty killer application for editing. When I had more free time, I would take 300 to 600 photos per week simply because it was so easy to take a snap of anything interesting I saw, and it gave me something to fiddle with (as far as editing pictures goes) when I was waiting in line somewhere or whatever.

I also shoot a lot of video on it (it takes great 1080p footage, one of my videos already has over 100k views on it - proof that you don't necessarily need a high-powered rig to make a popular film online). There are lots of cool accessories for it like the Olloclip lens and the Moondog Labs anamorphic lens. They have a Bluetooth LED flash available & lots of other neat accessories, including various mounts to strap it to tripods, sliding tracks, etc.

Anyway, it's only important if you care about it. I use my iPhone as my primary camera, so it's a really big deal for me; I think I've taken over 50k+ photos to date on my previous 4S, so it's a wonderful tool & toy for my purposes. The iPhone 5's camera was a step backwards from the 4S for me due to the pronounced purple flare. It's much better in the 5S - still present at some angles, but to a lesser extent & easily fixed by moving the camera a small amount, which is something I can live with. I was going to wait for the iPhone 6, but there were some accessories I wanted to use this summer that are only compatible with the 5S, so I decided to take the plunge.


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Apr 27, 2022
Hate to bump an old thread but I am actually looking for an old iPhone 5 with this error. If anyone has one please let me know, thank you.
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