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iPhone 12

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Oct 19, 2001
Even the new iPad Air doesn't support 120 Hz I don't believe. I really don't feel it's much faster than a 11 Pro or even the X, but I've only messed with it a little bit.


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Oct 9, 2004
It's insanely fast. Big shame that it does not support 120 Hz display. It makes such a huge difference. I am sure it is part of planned obsolescence when the next models are out sporting it.
The leaks suggested it was just that Apple saw too much of a battery life hit with current 120Hz tech. (The iPhones already take a hit when using 5G, so that might hold up under scrutiny.) A lot of people attribute Apple's omissions to "planned obsolescence" when the likelier, less exciting answer is that engineering schedules and practicality guide Apple's strategy.

Apple has a longstanding history of waiting to implement features until it can do so without a serious compromise. That includes 5G, for that matter. Remember, the first 5G phones had to be physically bigger to accommodate early chipsets, and the battery life hit made Apple's seem modest. Even 120Hz can require sacrifices, like lower resolutions or requiring monster batteries.


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Nov 22, 2020
I like the new case, it fits better in the hand, but I've always been a fan of sharper corners. The iPhone works well, there are more complaints about the OS itself, which is still very unfinished. iPhone 12 was not announced as something globally new.