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Interesting image.

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Jun 3, 2003
WoW it's as if ProJohn has no knowledge of American political history!?! Or maybe he is using fictitious and sometimes obtuse historical referencing to mischaracterize the past political events which formed both parties to support his ideologue bent political views. Hmmmmm.....which one of those is true?

Lemon law

Nov 6, 2005
Bottom line, as the old line racist democratic dixiecrats were voted down in the 60's by angry whites, they passed the Jim Crow batton on to the GOP who eagerly embraced it, and that GOP constituency even now openly parties at Palin rallies while proudly embracing confederate flag lapels. And while Palin revels in cheerleads these froth at mouth nut cases, its does thankfully disturb John McCain.

But still, in terms of this thread, the war and racism may split us as a nation, but when it comes to the economy, both parties are in it together,


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Mar 1, 2007
What's your point exactly? I sure hope you aren't trying to draw some kind of victim-of-circumstance aura around the bush administration, because we knew he and his admin were fuck-tards before he was even elected...

Otherwise, it's an interesting look at what a crisis can do to people who may or may not have something to do with it.


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Feb 28, 2006
Originally posted by: winnar111
Originally posted by: CallMeJoe
Originally posted by: winnar111
Lyndon Johnson opposed civil rights as a Senator in the 50s...
...and championed them as president in the 1960s, despite the opposition of the Dixiecrat wing of his own party.
Well, yeah, the entire point was to impede progress so he had an election platform of his own making to run on. Kind of like the leftwingers who were cheering the death of our troops in the 70s and again in 2004 with Iraq.

It worked, didn't it?
By what convoluted train of mind mash did you rewrite history and go from"don't waste our soldier's lives in war" to "kill'em, kill'em, kill'em!"? "Bring the boys home" was pretty much what I remember.