Interactive Magic Games -- Whatever happened to it?


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Oct 29, 1999
Hey all. :)

The topic says it all. For those who don't remember, Imagic Games produced mostly war/simulation/strategic based games, such as Hind, Harpoon, and Air Warriors, the online game.

I have a couple of old Interactive Magic games that I'm thinking about putting back on the hard drive, but now that they have "disappeared", I don't know where I can download the latest patches (i.e., receive support) for the games.

Their old website was . Can anyone help?

Thanks. :)


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Sep 28, 2000

Poor management killed I-magic.

I was a computer games buyer when they frist opened for business. Their initial lineup was great particularly the Apache sim.

However over time management lost sight of the company's image and tried to branch off into other directions. They acquired ICI Games and the sim Warbirds, and also tried to acquire other titles. The VP of Bus Dev and part owner (name withheld) left and took his contacts with him. He continued to acquire new titles for his own new startup whose name escapes me. They published at least 2 decent titles, a helicopter rescue sim and an ER sim.

In the end I-magic was broken apart and the valuable pieces sold to other companies. I know at least Warbirds lives on.

I have alot of their early titles on Gold master cd-roms. Really good stuff.