Intel Rapid Storage seems to rebuild for no reason


Junior Member
Oct 11, 2017
Hey everyone,

I have the following problem: I have a two 1 TB HDDs in a Raid 1. I use the Intel Chipset on my motherboard for the management with Rapid Storage. Every few month since roughly a year ago, I notice a marked slow down of my HDD and when I investigate, I see maxed activity in the Task Manager, where 1 disk is maxed in reading, the other in writing. I can't find anything in the Rapid Storage interface to explain this behaviour, haven't noted it in the 5 years I had the setup before, and it transfered across a system update.

I tried searching for what's happening and came up dry. Anyone know what's going on? Maybe even how I can turn that off, if it's unnecesary?

Thanks alot.