intel p965 chipset c2 stepping


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Mar 21, 2006
intel p965 chipset c2 stepping


if ordering from newegg or zzf after 9/9/06, how can you tell if you are getting a c2 stepping?

Intel has made a new stepping of its P965 chipset, taking it from stepping C1 to stepping C2. This change affects the P965, 946GZ and 946PL chipsets. The details of what was changed have not been released; Intel's only comment was that the new versions of the parts will not require the motherboards to be requalified.

It is likely that the stepping change is simply an internal "bug fix". The new 946GZ will supposedly ship on July 29th, with the P965 and 946PL shipping on September 9th.

The simultaneous stepping change suggests that the P965 and 946GZ/946PL may in fact be using the same chip, but be differentiated only in FSB speed (800MHz vs. 1066MHz) and some strapping options.


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Oct 11, 1999
Perhaps by peeking under the heatsink or running some software utility. Ergo, we can't before buying, if even then. Intel's Chipset ID Utility does not seem to specify revisions, but CPU-Z does.

It all depends upon supply and demand how quickly the existing stock is depleted of both parts by mobo manufacturers and of mobo's already in the sales channel at the time of the change over. I wouldn't gamble on sooner than six weeks after the given date.

Thanks to Madellga in 'nutha not directly related thread, here's a piccy showing what to expect from from CPU-Z (note Chipset Rev. C1).