Installing XP on Dell Mini 9

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by ObscureCaucasian, Oct 20, 2008.

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    So Im trying to install XP on my new Dell Mini 9 and since it has no DVD drive, Im using my Xbox 360 HD DVD drive as an external DVD drive. I put in the XP Pro disc, setup loads and makes it through the whole first stage until it asks to reboot. When setup resumes it immediately says Please insert Windows XP disc because the file ASMS cant be found. So looking online says it throws this error if communications between the pc and the dvd drive are lost. I have been trying to figure out my best course of action next, be it trying to install from a flash drive, a network install, or slipstreaming a driver for the dvd drive into the xp disc.

    Any thoughts on the best course of action to take?
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    Don't suppose you could open it up and plug in a drive?

    You might be able to install off a USB drive if you have a big enough one.
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