Installing PCMCIA on Windows 95 Laptop (Please Help!)


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Jul 19, 2001
Trying to install a PCMCIA adaptor on a Windows 95 laptop...

We dont have a windows 95 cd handy though (we do have the driver cd though), in lies the problem.

Anyone know any way to get all the files required after installing the driver? It asks for the 95 cd, and certain .dll's. We tried downloading them one at a time from the web on my laptop and transferring them by disk, but after all were transferred and the system restarted it didnt work.

Any ideas?


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Jul 28, 2002
You need to install PC Card Services for your particular laptop.
They were not natively supported under Win95a or Win95b.

Delete the any stray PCMCIA controllers in Device manager.
Reboot and when Windows detects new devices, point it to
the Windows \ INF directory.

Then, if it is a OEM install, the CAB files should be located in
Windows \ Options \ Cabs.
Just point it to that location.

Also, you need to set in your Bios the PC Card Controller to 16-bit card bus.
Win95 will not detect 16 or 32 bit cards unless it is set that way.