Insight has the Eblitz The Shuttle Digital Audio MP3 Player for 29.99

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    Jan 25, 2001
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    Product Overview

    » 8MB of Built-in Flash Memory
    » Expandable up to 72MB
    » USB Port Connector for High-Speed Downloads
    » Free Software

    Portable Audio MP3 Player Using Iomega PocketZip technology you are able to

    transfer, store and take your music with you.

    The Shuttle Digital Audio MP3 Player
    Download tons of digital music from audio sites on the web or record tracks to your hard drive from your personal CD collection. Use one of the included digital audio jukeboxes to create playlists, organize your tracks, and convert files to MP3. It's as easy as clicking a button to transfer your tunes to the Shuttle. That's it! Now you're ready to enjoy high quality, skip-free music.

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    Dec 26, 1999
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    Did some research on and it sounds like the Eblitz software and drivers are crap, but found the following post on google as well:

    eBlitz (the company) is useless. However, I found a great
    alternative. The DLINK DMP-120 is nearly identical to the eBlitz
    Shuttle. Simply download this file from Dlink, and it has both the
    USB drivers you need, and the file manager to transfer files to the
    Shuttle. Do NOT bother using the eblitz software for managing MP3s or
    transferring files to the shuttle.

    It's 9 meg, but worth every minute to download.