Info about PSX games?


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Mar 28, 2004
I've got a few questions:

1. Were games on the PSX made in 32bit color but displayed in 16bit color on the PSX? Or all games played with 32bit color?
2. Is the PSX capable of 32bit color at all?
3. What resolution was commonly used on the PSX for games?
4. What is the equivalent graphics card on the PC for the PSX?
5. What colors/resolution were the GT series on the PSX at?
6. Where there any PSX games played at 640X480?
7. What is this 'hi-res' mode that I hear of that you can unlock at the end of GT1?
8. Shouldn't an ATI Rage Mobility 1 graphics card be faster than that of the PSX?
9. Would someone please guide me to a page where I can obtain an overclocking utility for Rage based graphics cards?