Impossible to clean hard solder mess- 0201 element


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Feb 10, 2019

I want to ask if someone could help me with my big mistake cleaning/resoldering 0201 filter on my board..
My mistake was: Taking Sn 0,3Ag 0,7Cu 2%Flux solder wire at the place of my standard 60/40 or 63/37 solder wire with the same little diameter.
I have a terrible mess around my element pads etc.. and I tried to clean it with solder wick (2 types) of course with flux, but this thing won't stick and get off of my boards.
It melts very slow with 420-450°C and go back(hard) immediatly (2 times faster than standard tin)
I tried to add a little bit of standard 60/40 solder to easier suck it with solder wick, but this thing still won't get out... I can melt it and move a little on sides etc but I have absolutly not idea how to get it out from my board. (Remember it's 0201 element so I have to be carreful with other parts next to it.
I have 2 different quite good irons with smaller and bigger tips and AmScope SE400-Z microscope so I think, I have enough of basic hardware to do it, but absolutly no more ideas for that bad situation.
PS: I'm amator still learning and I don't have hot air station.
Sorry for very bad quality of photo - taken with temporary old smarphone, in real it's mutch better and clean view.

I will appreciate a lot any kind of help!
Thank you and have a nice day!

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Feb 10, 2019
Hey, thank for your response!
So I tried with one of Solder vacum things, and it doesn't work/suck my solder mess even with more additional amount...
I think it's a little too small, and that's why it won't suck it - I can confirm, my photo isn't great but as I say on first post, it's very very small object,
so whole mess is 3,5x3 mm of size and elements to solder after are 2 filters 0201 - so it's 0,3 on 0,6 mm crazy little size.
I didn't have enought of time to try something again - yesterday, but tomorrow I will try to remake the same mess on any old board, to
make on it more tests of my wick, adding 60/40 solder for mix and finally lower temperature of melting etc etc...
I think the worst problem is that very very very very bad solder which I used before, which have too high temp. of melting,
and with my small experience with so small objects I didn't realize that is possible to make so big mess which will stick my board
so well, and will be so difficult to clean.
I'm sure, if finally I find some good solution without overheating board and pads ... it will be a very big lesson for future soldering :)
Anyway - thanks for response and some idea - have a good night/day (depend on your timezone) :)


Mar 10, 2004
Have you tried pre-heating the area with a heat gun or hair dryer? That might help.


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Aug 11, 2001
You probably have the wrong shape and/or dirty/worn soldering iron tip. That should be no problem to melt and flow onto desoldering wick with flux added onto the wick already.