Imagine lobbing grenades at migrants as actual policy

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Feb 4, 2009
It applies here too.
As I said to a deplorable acquaintance I had in 2015 who proudly stated and appeared serious about it “the boarder needs tall towers manned with snipers, anyone crossing the boarder illegally needs to be shot”
I said everyone? Including children? We should immediately jail whomever accepts that job. That person is a far greater danger to all of us than the random woman crossing the boarder.
Still applies to this, whomever gleefully accepts a role that entails flying a drone around to shoot a missed into a boatload of people is not a man of good character.
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Jul 12, 2006
My guess is that by the normal standards of mental health this guy is not considered insane. So is he a genetic defective or did he swallow a devil? What I see is a sad case of a self hating Jew. Do unto others before they do it to you. You have to feel spectacularly worthless to treat others that way, in my opinion. And you have to learn to feel that way somewhere. This is the terrible consequence of hatred, in my opinion again, that the hated are made to feel they deserve it and actually believe it. That would be me and you.

His entire family hates him with a deep passion, so it fits.

Eva Braun, however, loves him.