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Illegal immigrants arrested, set free; offered legal work permits!

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Nov 24, 1999
nobodyknows: And how would you know that? Face it, you don't. Your big ego took over and you were talking out of your ass. I have to wonder how your mental process works on this.

M: Well, actually I was talking like an ass to an ass so he could get a taste of what he looks like.

n: You supposedly have this great empathy for these "hard working Mexicans" but none for the "Hillbillies and Red Necks" that you say can't compete.

M: True but I can't be a very good mirror like that. There is only love so the only sanity is love for all, no?

n: Just because the Mexicans are willing to work cheaper to get a job in this country doesn't mean their American counter-part can't compete. It just means they're smart enough to know that having illegal workers in this country is driving down their already low wages.

M: Yup, it's a mess and business loves it.

n: I'd like one of you elitist pricks to explain to me why it's A-OK with you to let any Mexican into this country that wants to come yet we make the rest of the world stand in line and jump through hoops in order to get into this country.

M: Me too. It's totally unfair. The discussion has to be about what rationally can be done about it, no?