If you've been on the fence with the Xbox 360, here's your chance to jump in

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Oct 30, 1999
Okay, that 360 deal we posted about this morning turned out to have been a dud. Not because the deal wasn't legit. Unbelievably, it was... all part of Fry's big anniversary sale. But they sold out of them almost instantaneously.

We would have left it there. We're ineffably lazy. Not so our breathren at Consumerist who called Outpost and asked, in their shrill, whining voice, "What IS up with that?"

And from Fry's came the good news: set your alarms for 5AM EST on Saturday, October 14th. Fry's promises that they will be offering a 360 Bundle every bit as good as the Premium Bundle with Dead Rising, Saint's Row and Test Drive Unlimited. Florian Eckhardt

Get A Sweet Xbox360 Bundle This Weekend