If you own Quake on Steam or Bethesda.net you just got a huge update.

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May 30, 2008
i never finished Quake 1 back when it was a current game, because nobody could figure out how to kill the final boss. Years later i saw a speedrun - one of the most epic ever made - and saw how stupid the end is, you just need to telefrag the end boss, so i downloaded Q1 again, and that's when i found Darkplaces, the community mod. Q1 is a great experience with that mod, not just better than Q1, but better than Q2 as well, and maybe even Q3 and Q4. And yes, in the end i beat it.

That famous speedrun:
Wow - brings back memories. Albeit in greatly speeded-up and more competent form!

I remember there were some very nice amateur texture-replacement packs...are those usable with Darkplaces?
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Aug 14, 2000
it absolutely is a joke. Even Darkplaces has beter visuals that this release.
It's a remaster, not a remake. It was never supposed to compete with a heavily modded DP.

What it does is package the game to work out of the box on modern systems while adding subtle visual improvements that don't break the look of the original game. It also conventiently integrates all DLC so no more separate shortcuts are needed for each.

The problem is the garbage DRM they added to it, not that they didn't jack up visuals to 11.