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IF the US should happen to catpure Saddam alive should they...

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Oct 10, 1999
Originally posted by: DoctorPizza
Moustaches are clearly a sign of evil.

Hitler? Moustache.
Stalin? Moustache.
Hussein? Moustache.

Clearly if we rid the world of moustaches we'll rid the world of evil.
You forgot: Geraldo? Moustache.


Nov 24, 2001
Originally posted by: DoctaMason
Ok, but whats the reason for this war?

Is it because Saddam treats his people so evil, that the iraqi people want liberation? Aside from a few talk shows like the oprah winfrey show where's the proof for this?

Or is it because Saddam's holding WDM?

I hear both sides all over the news and from colleagues at work. Im not really sure why we're at war, and what bush's intentions really are
Join the club of people who are mystified over our pre-emptive invasion. North Korea poses a dangerous threat to the US and the rest of the world, and we KNOW they have WMD. And if human rights are so important, why did we do nothing as a country while Africans in Rwanda slaughtered upwards of a million people in a civil war/ethic cleansing scenario in the 90's?


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Jan 15, 2001
See... we did a preemptive strike in Iraq b/c we are seeking to stop terrible weapons from being developed there (i.e. nukes). So, it is fairly easy to go in and own them before they have big, nasty atomic bombs which they could use in retaliation. A "relatively" straightforward military confrontation.

NK on the other hand... likely already has a nuke or two, and wouldn't think twice about setting one down about 40 miles south of the border in Seoul. I've been there... I was doing work at a company real close to the DMZ.... tanks and military along the highway.... it was weird. Anyways.... that would be a complete and utter tradgedy if a nuke were to land in Seoul. Depending on yield of the bomb, millions could/would die. So, I think NK is a totally different beast and needs to be handled in a totally different way.

Oh... and NK has an army about 4x as large (if not more) as Iraq, plus slightly better weapons. Not to mention it is widely thought they have a long range ballistic missle capable of delivering a warhead to Bill Gates home in Washington!!!