IE windows always take back focus


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Aug 28, 2001
Using IE6 SP2/ XP SP2. I used to think this was just something set within AT forum code but it just happened to me with a Yahoo Mail window. What happens is.. if I have other windows open (not just other IE, but My Computer, Trillian chats, or other apps), every so often, IE would take focus back and make it the active window (foreground).

I've run adaware and a full NAV scan and found nothing wrong. Any ideas ? (No, switching to FF isn't the answer to this problem).


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Aug 8, 2000
Same thing happened to me pretty often. It was one of the little annoying things in IE that made me switch to FF. However, the problem doesn't seem to exist if you have the IE window minimized to the taskbar, only when it's fully open. Yea, i know that probably doesn't help any.