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Review Ice Giant ProSiphon Elite


Jun 30, 2004
I'm the air-cooling hold-out Grand Macho promotional authority here, and I am eff***ing impressed.

Also -- 64-core 128-thread processors? $2,000+? I must continually remind myself that I don't need that sort of processing power. From now on. I must continually remind myself.

Does Ice Giant have other versions of this . . . . thing?!

[A LITTLE LATER . . . ] Nope. That's the only model.

Now, I have to totally re-think how I deploy my cases with other hardware. OK -- my Coolermaster Stackers. I'm thinking I only have to block off the rear exhaust fan, open up the center-top of the case -- already designed for a fan, and push air through (a) the PSU and (b) through the top center.

Nothing really changes much, except that the air going through the PSU might be a smidgeon warmer. Nothing to phase a high-efficiency Seasonic Titanium, though.

Also, note that Wendell is pushing the idea of putting your GPU at the bottom of the case for the Threadripper mobo. I'd think you would just as easily want it in the usual position, even if the air going through the Ice Giant would be marginally warmer as well.

For the test results, and the compatibility with various sockets no less, I (personally) wouldn't throw a tantrum over the $170 price-tag. It's just me. I'll spend money on gadgets, as long as the outlays are not insane.

The Duckmeister is cooking up some duckt ideas . . . . . it keeps him from losing his mind.

Coming back down to earth a bit, his comparison with the Noctua cooler pretty much shows that an air-cooler devotee wouldn't "need" the Ice Giant. You'd only "want" it.

Still -- an extra margin of OC'ing potential. WE've seen the tests which prove that lower temperatures means marginally lower voltage requirements. So let's keep an eye on this one.
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