Question ** i7-9700K Overclocking Help **


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Jun 11, 2012
Hi! I have an Asus Z390 Strix E-Gaming motherboard. I used to have my i7-9700K overclocked to 5Ghz at 1.35v and it was rock solid. After a new BIOS update it wiped my previous saved BIOS loadout. I don't remember how I got this since someone a year ago helped me. I'd appreciate if anyone could help me get my 5Ghz overclock back. I have a base of what I need to do, I just need to fine tune it. My XMP is turned on.

I have CPU current capability - 170%
Long duration power package limit - 4095
Package power time windows - 127
Short duration power package limit - 4095

I know there's a few other settings that need to be changed in order for the overclock to happen smoothly. I also have it set on a constant 1.35v because I remember that an adaptive voltage would not work.

Thank you!!