I7 920 Overclock Problems


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Jun 18, 2009
hi to all!
I am doing my overclock for the very first time in my life (newbie!!), and I wold like to check with you my settings, temps, voltages etc, as I found some problems doing it.

My configuration is:

- CPU: i7 920 with Noctua NH-U12P SE1366
- RAM: 3x2 GB Kingston Value DDR3 1333 Mhz
- VIDEO: Point of View GTX260
- CASE: Antec P180b

After trying to follow online guides I found about OC on i7 920 I finished up with next OC settings that works - bad or good, I am asking if somebody could tell me that!!

CPU ratio 20
BCLK 180
PCIE 101
CPU Voltage 1.2625
CPU PULL Voltage 1.8
QPI/DRAM Core Voltage 1.25
DRAM BUS Voltage 1.5 (as written on my RAM)
everything else is on AUTO

One thing is really strange: I tried to change my DRAM freq to 1083 (first value available), but I always had to leave my UCLK frequency to AUTO, otherwise I was getting OC error no matter which value I used... This happens also when I tried to push DRAM freq to some other value, I had to leave UCLK on auto always. So I left both DRAM and UCLK on auto!
I would like to know on what frequency is my memory running in this case?

I tested everything with Prime95 and CoreTemp and it was stabile for 10-12h.
The temperatures were 80-85 according to CoreTemp and 89 according to Asus mobo program AI SUITE. What do I have to consider, Coretemp or AI SUITE? And after all, are these temps OK or they are too high considering my cooler and my case?

Last thing I would like to know is: do I need some other settings in my BOIS, that could work better with my configuration - I am using DDR3@1333Mhz RAM, @ 1.5 DRAM Voltage - so maybe there are some different settings that could lower my core temperature (for QPI/DRAM Core Voltage or DRAM BUS Voltage or something else)

I Hope somebody will find time to check these settings and to give me some answers
Best regards to all!!

and sorry for my bad English :)