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I7 8700k BUS and MHZ dropping

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Aug 4, 2019

First of all: This problem probably is connected to my other problem with fps drops (from 60 to 57 constantly happens a few times in a minute)
I've tried alot already (see my other thread)
I've also read the sticky thread but it didn't help to change c-states and stuff

So my RAM and CPU seem to be dropping in the exact same manner.
RAM: from 1333MHz to 1332MHz

CPU: from 4,7 (or any other frequency -100 or slightly more)to 4,68 and BUS from 100 to 99

all at the same interval

Is that normal? I've let XTU perform a stress test so see if it isn't dropping under high load, but it still happens
I know fluctuating frequency is normal when idle, but this is under load and seems to be different...right?

GTX 1070
16GB Corsair LPX 2666MHZ
i7 8700k
Seasonic Focus 650w platinum
ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E

Edit: here a link to the thread with a list of what I've already tried: https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/corsair-16gb-2666mhz-fps-drops.2568594/

Edit²: and if it wasn't for fps drops I would have said it is completely normal, but something seems to be off here....I'll try and deactivate spread spectrum, raising LoadLineCalibration up to 6 and then 7 didn't help, but it was worth a try, I guess
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You already have one active thread on this issue, and we do not allow cross-posting or multiple
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You can edit your existing thread, including the title, to include all of your issues and concerns.
I'm also moving it to the general computer building forum, where you can get advice for all of
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