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i7-7700k and i5-7600k turbo boost/cores active ratio?


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Jan 10, 2011
I was wondering what the turbo boost/cores active ratio is on the i7-7700k and the i5-7600k. I'm not talking about the max stock turbo boost for a single active core. I'm talking about what the clock speed are at full load for the number of cores active at stock without multicore turbo enhancement enabled.


Nov 23, 2016
When I run 4 instances of Handbrake the i7-7700K uses all 8 threads at 100% for hours and runs at 4.4 GHz (out of the 4.0 GHz stock speed and 4.5 GHz max speed). I don't OC, this is just stock on a H170 board.
I noticed when I had a 92 mm cooler it would drop down to 4.2 GHz every once a while. So I bought the 120 mm cooler and it stays at 4.4 GHz at around 70°C.
So yes, you get almost all of the turboboost. HWMonitor tells me it uses about 89W when doing so.
I don't have single-threaded application, so not sure if a single core really goes to 4.5 GHz. Even one instance of Handbrake lets it go to 4.4 GHz (except only shows 60% load on all 8 threads).
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